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Today Marinus send me some pictures from his new XF. He started driving with it 2 weeks ago, and yes I was curious about the inside…….

On facebook I found this really nice group that is spreading nice pictures of Dutch transport company’s in the past. Here is the link to the facebook site.


A lot of people ask me to show more pictures. Well today I am working on a picture website to get it all on to the web. Be patient because I am still working on it. And all the pictures I will take this year will be put on there. The website is on the website will be the albums with the pictures. You can sort by license plate, country what ever is name is given to the albums. You also can share directly on Google+, Facebook, Twitter and even by mail. So wait a little before everything is ready. A preview is online now. Have fun.


Today I had to load at the army . 2 trucks that are sold of. The first one started and we drove that on my truck. Once it was on my truck it would not die. So the engine was running all the way to the unloading place. The second one did not even start. So the people made a plan to do the loading with a recovery tank. A tank with 1.500 hp that would work the think. And it did. Here are the picture’s

Johan de Groot took a picture when I came out of the truckwash. Today he mailed me the picture and here its is. I really love it.

Thanks to Truckwasch Johan de Groot in Staphorst

Friday the 16th I was on my way to Haren in Germany from Rotterdam. Tweeted out a scream for a good truck-wash and got a recommendation form a tweet friend to go washing at Johan de Groot in Staphorst. And I have to say they did a great job. It took them some time but the result was per 100% OK. De coffee was good and you can even shower there when they clean your truck. So anyone looking for a good places this is one of them.

There is also a picture site from Johan. For the pictures click here