How to stop a ghostdriver

Posted: 20 - April - 2014 in Week

Often people ask me what we transport and where we drive. Well to give you an impression here is a map of the country’s I have been visiting the last year….. (red is where I was, green we also serve but I was not there in 2013)



There is not a lot what we don’t transport. On the pictures you see a part of it, to put all the pictures in here is to much but you will get the idea…….

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That everything does not go as planned with the test-trucks was to foreseen, some things had to be done to hasty. The bankruptcy of FVG fahrzeugbau in Wildeshausen can not take all the blame but for a big part that is where the mistakes are made. They called the trucks to soon away from the dealers to be build up, the dealers had no time to prepare the trucks in a good way. But also when the trucks came to FVG it took them a long time to prepare the trucks. That was not the only problem. Also the telematic systems that are build in are not working perfectly. The Mercedes and Volvo where not in the system, the system was build in but not working correctly. Frank with his Scania is the most unlucky driver at the moment he is standing more still than he is driving. Fuel problems according to Scania caused by FVG by replacing and rebuilding the fuel tanks.


All trucks are ordered with build in Navigation. That is nice you say? Well for the Volvo and the Renault there are still no Navigation systems available but there is payed for. That is what I call a very bad mistake. How can you sell a system that you can not deliver. When it is available nobody can tell. Sure they are new models but that does take away the fact that navigation is software not build by Volvo or Renault so that could be finished a long time ago. Instead of that they offer you a Becker truck navigation system that you can use until the software is ready to install. Becker Navigation is not the best as we all know and we have to wait with what software the Volvo group will come…….

We will wait what the future brings us, I am in any way happy with my CoPilot system on my Iphone….

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Happy Easter

Posted: 17 - April - 2014 in Week

I wish you all happy easter, even if you are not home this weekend I still hope that the long weekend is good for you. Stay safe out there!